DevOps with VSTS - Introduction

Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This series of blog posts will showcase a potential setup in using DevOps principles and patterns with Visual Studio Team Services.

In DevOps the Three Ways are at the foundation for all DevOps principles.
Using these principles, DevOps enables companies to deliver software in a faster and cheaper way than traditional IT processes.
By combining people from multiple departments like Product Management, Development, Operations, QA and Information Security into a single process, DevOps helps in pursuing company goals instead of 'silo' goals.

'The DevOps Handbook' summarizes the Three Ways:

  • The First Way: The Principles of Flow
    • The First Way enables fast left-to-right flow of work from Development to Operations to the Customer.
  • The Second Way: The Principles of Feedback
    • The Second Way enables the fast and constant flow of feedback from right-to-left at all stages of our value stream.
  • The Third Way: The Principles of Continual Learning and Experimentation
    • The Third Way enables the creation of a generative, high-trust culture that supports a dynamic, disciplined and scientific approach to experimentation and risk-taking.

DevOps is being used in more companies each year and VSTS is an awesome tool to support teams in using a DevOps approach to software development.
These blog posts will not go too deeply into the team-collaboration aspect of DevOps but more into the technical setup of using DevOps with VSTS.
There are already a ton of great recources on DevOps that also describe the team-collaboration aspect, I highly recommend reading 'The Phoenix Project' and 'The DevOps Handbook'.

These blog posts will focus on how we can use VSTS to support the Three Ways.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed on this blog are my own personal ones and do not represent my employer in any way.