DevOps with VSTS - The Second Way - The Principles of Feedback

Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2017

This is part 5 of the DevOps with VSTS series

The Second Way of DevOps is about The Principles of Feedback.
The First Way, Principles of Flow, makes sure that any change can be delivered to the customer in a fast and reliable way.
Since delivering new value is done in such a fast manner, it is also very important to get feedback about this new value in a fast manner.
This ensures that if the new value isn't working as expected for the customer, or if it needs fine-tuning, the team knows about this, can make improvements and deliver these new improvements to the customer.

As important as getting feedback directly from the customer is, it is also important to get automated feedback in the form of telemetry.
Telemetry will show you what parts of the application are being used by the customer and can inform about errors that the customer hasn't noticed himself.
Application Insights is an awesome tool to monitor this telemetry and setting it up is as easy as including a library into the application.

VSTS gives the ability to track this feedback in the same way as it tracks features, user stories, etc.
By customizing the VSTS Process template, it is possible to add new WorkItems that can be used to track feedback.
Some feedback will immediately be added to the backlog in the form of a user story.
Other feedback, like incidents on the production system can be tracked in a customer WorkItem type.

The following post Custom WorkItem Types will show how to create a customizable Process Template as well as creating a custom WorkItem type will be shown.

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