DevOps with VSTS - The Third Way - The Principles of Continual Learning and Experimentation

Posted on Friday, February 10, 2017

This is part 8 of the DevOps with VSTS series

The Third Way of DevOps is about The Principles of Continual Learning and Experimentation.
The First Way The Principles of Flow allow that any change can be delivered to the customer in a fast and reliable way.
The Second Way, The Principles of Feedback, makes sure that telemetry data is gathered and user and automated feedback is being tracked and analyzed.

With these two principles combined, a way of working is being used which allows businesses to do experimentations on their production environment.
Since The First Way allows for fast and reliable deployments, it is possible to experiment with new features by deploying a small initial version of the feature and using The Second Way to analyze the results of the experiment.
Depending on the outcome of the experiment, features can be further developed or removed completely.

This allows the company to quickly try out different kind of features and find out what functionality gives the biggest value to the customers.
These experiments usually should only be done with a select subset of the customers.
The next post Feature Flags will show a potential solution for this by adding functionality to enable features on a per-customer basis.

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